Business Intelligence

What is BI?
Business Intelligence is the method by which the reporting of raw data stored in your databases can be transformed into meaningful information.

Using a variety of data mining techniques we can extract data and present it in a form that you need.

Importance of Business Intelligence
Make quicker, smarter business decisions with real-time actionable data

Maintain a competitive advantage by having a real time business profile

Analysis of the actual live raw data ensures accurate information on which business decisions can be made

Improve efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation.

Database Management

A database management system (DBMS) is computer software that manages databases. DBMSes may use any of a variety of database models, such as the network model or relational model. In large systems, a DBMS allows users and other software to store and retrieve data in a structured way.

Meredith IT review your database requirements to ensure your data is stored efficiently and can be accessed effectively by whatever means necessary, i.e. in the office, remotely, or from the cloud!



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